Kids Love Kids Kingdom!

Its a fact! Kids love coming to Kids Kingdom! Interactive and fun lessons on Sundays combined with a cool crew of skilled and loving teachers = tons of fun and growth! Classes are designed to help each child learn to fall in love with God and increase their knowledge of scripture at a level they can enjoy! Bring your kids this Sunday and watch them grow spiritually. kids_hands.png

They might even clean their rooms after!

Kids Need Engagement!

Kids Kingdom is all about engagement.We really believe that learning starts with being engaged and not bored, so we get every child actively involved in the learning process. They get to sing, dance, act, and draw in creative ways to help them understand God! It's a cool and fun way of learning!

Kids Need Spiritual Heroes!

 Just like adults need a vision for greatness, we believe that our children get inspired by the superheroes of the Bible who have made the tough decisions to do what is right. Kids Kingdom helps kids to take what they learn on Sundays and put it into practice at school and at home!

Our children are facing choices each day and need an example to follow! Kid's Kingdom gives them an awesome framework to navigate through life. We believe that  what they learn now will have a major effect later in life!

We want both the children and adults to enjoy an encouraging and inspiring time each Sunday. During worship services each Region in the Denver Church of Christ offers a Kids Kingdom program for infants-4th grade, and a pre-teen program for grades 5th-6th.  This allows you to attend the worship service while your children enjoy an age-appropriate time of learning and fun. 

Curriculum That Is Vetted

The learning material that we use for our Kid's Kingdom classes has been professional created and designed by child-learning experts and Elders and Teachers with accredited Theology degrees.  To find out more please visit our International Kid's Kingdom site: 

International Kid's Kingdom ›


Special Needs?

If your child has special needs or if you just have more questions drop us a line.  We'd be happy to answer any questions.