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Are you looking for a new church in Denver? With many vibrant ministries, Singles, Campus, Spanish Speaking and Marrieds’, we have a thriving group family that is sure to meet your needs.  Come out and visit us and see for yourself the love, joy and incredible diversity that are all clearly on display in the Denver Church of Christ.


John Lusk, Senior Evangelist

Reaching for the Sky: Baltimore Church Charters Plane to Reach

About a year and a half ago, Scott Davis, the evangelist for the Greater Baltimore Church of Christ, came to me and asked if I would look into chartering a plane for Reach2016....Read more

Doctrine of Baptism Seminar

The Apologetic Research Society will be hosting a 10-hour weekend seminar on the doctrine of baptism taught by Dr. Jack Cottrell Professor of Theology at Cincinnati Christian University (a...Read more

European Bible School Report

Dear brothers and sisters, Here's a short video about the latest news from the European Bible School. We had a wonderful session in Prague on the topic, "The Spirit of Christian Counseling" with...Read more

Join DT Heart & Soul at Reach2016

The DT Heart & Soul team can’t wait for Reach2016, coming up in just two weeks! Here’s where to find us in St. Louis. Hope to see you there! Singles Leadership Workshop Thursday,...Read more

HOPE Youth Corps Story: Anthony Herrera

Anthony Herrera, at left, and Makar Donskoy in the middle. A year ago, Anthony Herrera, a young student from Los Angeles, signed up for the Novosibirsk, Russia, HOPE Youth Corps. He doesn’t speak...Read more

John and Barri Lusk, Senior Minister and Women's Leader of the Denver Church of Christ

John & Barri Lusk

Senior Minister and Women's Ministry Leader

John and Barri were both baptized into Christ in 1983 while attending Louisiana State University. John graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering.

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Hans & Ann Rasmussen, Minister and Women's ministry leader of the Denver Church of Christ

Hans and Ann Rasmussen

Minister and Women's Ministry Leader

Hans and Ann met each other in the Denver Church of Christ Campus Ministry.  They are parents to two amazing children, Naomi (15) and Kaeden (13).

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Wade and Debbi Cook, City Ministry and Singles' Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader, Denver Church of Christ

Wade and Debbie Cook

City Ministry and Singles' Evangelist and Women's Ministry Leader

Wade and Debbie Cook are natives to Colorado! They work with the Congregational Singles and City ministries.

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Rob and Dawn Ferry

Minister and Women's Ministry Leader

Rob and Dawn relocated to Denver from Philadelphia in August of 2006. Rob was converted in the campus ministry just as he was completing his Ph.D

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