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Unsteady - Brian Campbell 4-10-16

Many trials that we face in life leave us feeling unsteady. The small challenges in life add up causing our boat to be rocked and the large challenges in life can overtake us like waves and cause us to live in an unsteady state of life.  Have you ever wondered what God's plan is for the trials we face? Join us for this lesson to gain a further understanding of God's plan for trials and how to let God steady us when we feel like everything around us is unsteady.  



Posted on May 3, 2016 6:24:23 PM by Brian Campbell in Trials, in Challenges

Brian Campbell

Written by Brian Campbell

Brian Campbell is an Evangelist in the Denver Church of Christ. He was converted as a freshman at Metro State University, and his wife Kristina was baptized as a teen in Charlotte, NC. The Campbells were married in 2012 and currently serve in the campus ministries of Denver, Boulder, and Grand Junction, CO. They also work to unify and build the Rocky Mountain Region of the Denver Church. In 2015, Brian completed his Masters in Bible and Theology from Lincoln Christian University. Kristina is also currently working on her Masters in Christian Ministry, at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology.

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