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Change the World - John Lusk and Quoc Hung Tran 3-6-16

Can one person really change the world? Absolutely! Jesus was the prototype of how to do exactly that. This Sermon will be shared by John Lusk, the leader of the Denver Church and Quoc Hung Tran, the indigenous leader of our Vietnamese Churches. Their partnership and impact is a beautiful example of how a follower of Jesus can truly change the world.




Posted on Mar 6, 2016 7:00:00 AM by John Lusk in Reach, in Change

John Lusk

Written by John Lusk

John is the Senior Evangelist of the Denver Church of Christ. John and Barri were both baptized into Christ in 1983 while attending Louisiana State University. John graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering. In 1985, they were married and moved to Memphis, TN where they first served in the full-time campus ministry and John completed a Master’s of Arts in Religion degree from Harding University. They went on to serve churches in Barri’s home town of Baton Rouge and then San Francisco, Sacramento, St. Louis, Thailand, and the Philippines.

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