Sermons and Lessons

Sermons and Lessons

Powerful Living with Limitations

Breaking Into Beautiful Part 2

Choices, Part 3: Choose Faith Over Fear

Lessons from the Rock: Rock Solid Faith

Choices Part 2: Choose Surrender Over Control

Rock Solid Relationships

Breaking Into Beautiful Part 1 - 9/23/17

Choices Part 1: Choose Purpose

Lessons from the Rock 2: Rock Solid Confidence

Lessons from the Rock, Introduction John Lusk

Go and Make Disciples through All Generations

Finding the Strength to Go On in the Midst of Your Hurricane

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Chapters 13-16

Jesus Prays | Hans Rasmussen | 8-20-17

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Chapters 10-12

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Chapter 9

Can you see me now? Hans Rasmussen 8-6-17

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Chapters 6-8

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Chapters 4-5

For God so Loved the World-Hans Rasmussen-7-30-17

Look to Jesus -Hans Rasmussen 7-23-17

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Chapters 1-3

Midweek Series - A VISION FOR MORE

Romans, The Righteousness of God Revealed: Introduction.

SE Asia Mission Team Sharing

The Journey of Discipleship -Hans Rasmussen 6-11-17

Midweek Lesson on Discipling -Hans Rasmussen 6-7-17

Redefined -Hans Rasmussen and Barry Underwood 6-4-17

Entrusted-Sonny Rhyne-05-28-2017

The Best is Yet to Come, Hans Rasmussen and Rob Ferry 5-21-17

Good Enough Parenting: Reasonable Limits - Gary & Karen Jacques 5-6-17

Mother's Day 2017 -Hans Rasmussen 5-14-17

Honoring Your Parents (Mother’s Day 2017)

COME ALIVE This Easter!

Good Enough Parenting - Hans and Ann Rasmussen 4-1-17

Good Enough Parenting - Gary and Karen Jacques 3-4-17

Good Enough Parenting - Audio (2017)

Paul’s Missionary Appeal in Romans:  Give or Go!

Generational Lift - Sonny Rhyne 3-5-17

Remember the Poor, Wade Cook 3-19-2017

Recovering from Low Expectations - Rob Ferry - 2-26-17

Diversity Service - Scott Kirkpatrick 2-19-17

Diversity Devotional - Scott Kirkpatrick 2-18-17

Outcasts 4, Jesus the Master of Mercy, Sonny Rhyne 2-19-17

Spiritual Lift - Sonny Rhyne 2-12-17

Outcasts #3 "The Love of a Prostitute" Hans Rasmussen 2-12-17

Good Enough Parenting: Introduction - Wade and Deb Cook 2-4-17

Is There a God? - Rob Ferry 2-4-17

Messy People - Rob Ferry 2-8-17

A Simple Way to Pray Every Day

"Outcasts #2-Zacchaeus" Hans Rasmussen 2 5-17

Do We Need God Anymore? - Rob Ferry 2-5-17

So, tell me about fasting...

As I Have Forgiven You - John Lusk 1-29-17

Going Deeper into the Word

As I Have Loved You - John Lusk

As I Have Taught You - John Lusk 1-22-17

Faith Inspires Faith -Brian Campbell 1-22-17

Leadership Day Materials

As I Have Served You - John Lusk 1-15-17

One Surefire Way to Increase Your Adversity Quotient in 2017

This is Love John Lusk 1-8-17

This is Love 1-8-17 John Lusk

Adversity Quotient:  Quitter, Camper or Climber in 2017?

First things first, 1-1-17 Hans Rasmussen

Increase Our Faith John Lusk -

The Gift of Peace, Hans Rasmussen 12-18-16

The Gift of Love, Hans Rasmussen 12-11-16

You, Me and the Christmas Tree - Rob Ferry 12-11-16

Making Spirits Bright! - Rob Ferry 12-6-16

Hold on Christmas, It's Still Thanksgiving! - Rob Ferry 11-27-16

The Gift of Hope, Hans Rasmussen 11-26-16

I Am The Gate - John Lusk 11-13-16

Promptings of the Spirit - Wade Cook 11-20-16

We are thankful Hans Rasmussen 11-20-16

How to Stay Forever Young - Rob Ferry 11-6-16

Messy #6 Climbing out of the dip Hans Rasmussen 11-6-16

Messy #5 What do you do in the dip? Hans Rasmussen 10-30-16

Avoiding the Election Infection Part 2

I Am The Resurrection - John Lusk 10-23-16

Avoiding the Election Infection Part 1

The Great I AM - John Lusk

I AM the Bread of Life - John Lusk 10-16-16

Messy #2 Mercy -Hans Rasmussen 10-9-16

I Am The Good Shepherd - John Lusk 10-9-16

"Messy-Justice and Mercy" Hans Rasmussen 10-2-16

I Am the Light of the World - John Lusk 10-2-16

Connect the dots; Better Together, Hans Rasmussen 9-25-16

Who’s to Say Who’s Right? - Rob Ferry 9-25-16

Girlfriends in the Garden - Barri Lusk 9-24-16

Connect the dots; Un-Friending, Hans Rasmussen 9-18-16

It Is Finished - John Lusk 9-18-16

Connect the dots; One Community Away, Hans Rasmussen 9-11-16

I Am Willing - John Lusk 9-11-16

They Joined Together Constantly In Prayer - Rob Ferry 9-4-16

Connect the dots, One Friend Away, Hans Rasmussen 9-4-16

Connecting the dots, The foundation of Friendships -Hans Rasmussen- 8-28-16

Better Together - Rob Ferry 8-28-16

Legends of the fall - John Lusk -8-21-16

I am the gate- John Lusk 8-14-16

Family-Integrated Worship Service - Rob Ferry 8-14-16

New Member Sunday - Rob Ferry 8-7-16

Finding Your True Love, Frank & Erica Kim 7-17-16

Finding Your True Love, Part II - Frank & Erica Kim 7-31-16

I am willing John Lusk 8-7-16

Lies About Sex, Your Teens Hear All the Time 8-6-16 Parent Teen Devotional

The Blessed Test -Hans Rasmussen 7-31-16

Where Everybody Knows Your Name -Hans Rasmussen 7-24-16

Stuffing the Pita of Life - Rob Ferry 7-24-16

Summer 7, Discipling -Hans Rasmussen 7-17-16

God Says... Tony Baumann 7-10-16

Summer Seven: Faith - Brian Campbell- June 26, 2016

Heart of Humility - Kevin Mcbride - 7-3-16

Being Set Free From Disappointment and Envy - Rob Ferry 7-3-16

2016 Summer Midweek Series (Southeast)

Your Health, Wealth & Relationships

You and Me Forever

Encountering and Exploring Genesis

Crucifixion Before Victory - Chris Reed 6-26-16

Summer 7- Words from a Loving Father, Hans Rasmussen, 6-19-16

The Terrible Twosome of Burdens: Fear and Loneliness - Rob Ferry 6-19-16

Summer Seven-Priorities, Hans Rasmusen, 6-5-16

Close to God - John Lusk 6-5-16

The Deadly Duo of Burdens:  Guilt and Grief - Rob Ferry 5-29-16

Finding Our Soulmate, Frank Kim 5-29-16

Reaching the world, Frank Kim 5 22-16

Knowing Your Personality Women's Midweek - Dawn Ferry 5-10-16

The Troubling Trifecta of Burdens:  Want, Weariness, Worry - Rob Ferry 5-15-16

How to have a generous heart -Hans Rasmussen 5-15-16


Strength in Weakness - Guy Hammond 5-8-16

Love them like Jesus -Hans Rasmussen 5-8-16

The Thrilling "Now" of Christian Mission

Unsteady - Brian Campbell 4-10-16

#Joy-A Peace in the Action Hans Rasmussen 5-1-16

The Twin Burdens of a Lesser God and Self-Reliance - Rob Ferry 5-1-16

The Thrilling "Now" of Christian Mission

Lessons from the 2016 Marriage Retreat

Awesome in Glory....Denver - John Lusk

Knowing Your Personality Women's Midweek - Dawn Ferry 4-12-16

#Joy "GETTING TO KNOW YOU" Hans Rasmussen 4-10-16

#Joy "It's all in your mind" Hans Rasmussen 4-3-16

The Luggage of Life - Rob Ferry 4-3-16

#Joy-Joyful No Matter What -Hans Rasmussen 3-27-16

What Difference Does Easter Make? - Rob Ferry 3-27-16

You Are Good Enough - Joe and Angela Clouse 3-5-16

Lead me to the cross #3 Hans Rasmussen 3-20-16

Pursue Justice - Rob Ferry 3-20-16

Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning…and a Better Way Forward - Rob Ferry 3-15-16

Knowing Your Personality Women's Midweek - Dawn Ferry 3-8-16

Knowing Your Personality Women's Midweek - Dawn Ferry 2-16-16

Reach Together! Ephesians Lesson 6 - John Lusk 3-13-16

Lead me to the Cross #2 Mary Hans Rasmussen 3-13-16

GEP NW Class #4 Connection and acceptance part 2

Change the World - John Lusk and Quoc Hung Tran 3-6-16

Lead me to the cross #1 Peter- Hans Rasmussen - 2-28-16

Reach Together! Ephesians Lesson 5 - John Lusk - 2-28-16

GEP #3-Connection and acceptance-Greg and Theresa Jackson 2-28-16

Celebration of Black History Month- Scott & Thereasa Kirkpatrick 2-20-16

Salt of the Earth - Scott Kirkpatrick - 2-21-16

Pharmaceutical and Medical Ethics and The Bible - Lesson 2

Pharmaceutical and Medical Ethics and The Bible - Lesson 1

Prayer -You can do it. Hans Rasmussen 2-21-16

Good Enough Parenting Class #1

The Prayer Life of Elijah:  A Man Like Us - Robert Ferry 2-14-16

Reach Together! Ephesians Lesson 4 - John Lusk 2-14-16

Prayer -Heart Posture -Hans Rasmussen 2-7-16

Reach Together! Ephesians Lesson 3 - John Lusk 2-7-16

The Dark Side of Technology - Dr. Tim Sumerlin - 2-6-16

Prayer -Unity -Hans Rasmussen 1-31-16

Reach Together!  Ephesians Lesson 2 - John Lusk 1-31-16

Reach Higher Midweek Class #3 - Rob Ferry

"Prayer- Strengthened with Power" - Hans Rasmussen 1-24-16

Reach Together! Ephesians Lesson 1 -John Lusk 1-24-16

Reach Higher Midweek Class #2 - Rob Ferry

"Rise" Wade Cook 1-17-16

Faith Awakens: A study on how faith works in our daily lives - Brian Campbell - 1-17-16

Reach Higher! Series: Lesson #1 - Rob Ferry

"REACH" John Lusk 1-10-15

Guilt, Shame & Vulnerability - Jim Heese - 1-3-16

First Things First- 1-3-16 Hans Rasmussen

Great Joy to All People 12-27-15 Glenn Giles

The Joy of Having Salvation

Jesus Came to Give Us Awesome Joy!

The Joy of Giving Salvation

Thankful for the Kingdom - John Lusk

Priceless Women’s Retreat- Lesson #3

Not a Fan, Message #7: The Rewards of Following

Jesus’ Ministry Begins: The Story, Chapter 23

Not A Fan, Message #6: Meaningless?

Priceless Women's Day Lesson #1

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