Maximize your giving using a no fee option, Dwolla.

Dwolla is an affordable online payment platform. Money is transferred from your checking or savings account directly to the Denver Church of Christ. This option allows 100% of your giving to go to meet the needs!  With Dwolla, there are no fees for you to send the money and no fees to the church.

Weekly Contribution Fund

Donations made to our Weekly Contribution Fund will be utilized to meet a variety of needs for our congregation and our community as well as to support our staff.  The Denver Church of Christ (DCC) began nearly 30 years ago with a dream of spreading the grace and truth of God throughout the Denver area and beyond. We are proud to be a diverse congregation representing many racial, educational, socio-economic, geographic, and age categories; yet we are very unified with our common passion to glorify God and follow His Word.  We actively support foreign missions and serve the poor and needy throughout our community and the world. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your donation using Dwolla, please call the office at 303-463-9220.

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