Denver Church of Christ Senoir Evangelist John Lusk leads an indepth, multipart lesson on the book of Ephesians


Paul's letter to the Ephesians is a deep and inspiring call to Unity. In a world where our differences so fragments, only Christ has the answers for how to enjoy the power and peace of both diversity and unity. 

  • In the first lesson, we will "put on first century glasses" to see what was really happening behind the scenes in the early church, prompting Paul to write this amazing letter. 
  • In Ephesians Chapter Two, Paul continues to open our eyes to the incredible riches we have in Christ, only by the grace of God. In an effort to show that all Christians are virtually the same in the spiritual realm, he presents a comprehensive portrait of our common lostness in sin, our common salvation in Christ,  and our common identity in Christ. This spiritual and eternal common identity should far outweigh our physical and visible differences, and thus be the foundation of incredible unity. 
  • Paul concludes his inspiring summary of the great riches we have in the grace of God, by explaining what the "mystery" of God is, as revealed in the unity of the church. He then begins his charge to the church to live according to the grace and plan of God. His first focus of that charge is calling us live as "family" in the church. 
  • Paul continues with his practical appeals to live out the incredible plan of God for unity, by emphasizing purity and family. As we protect our personal purity and strive for true family at ever level of our lives, we will fulfill the vision of Jesus for true unity in the church.
  • Chapter Six is the exciting crescendo of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. He has been addressing God's vision for true unity in his church for the previous five chapters in many and various ways. Now he makes the final appeal that our battle to be unified is never with another person, but rather with the "spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." As a mighty spiritual warrior himself, Paul proceeds to describe how every Christian can and must "put on the full armor of God." Only in so doing, can we overcome all the attacks of the evil one and stand united in Christ. ​

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