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Growing in Gratitude this Thanksgiving

Posted on Nov 22, 2017 9:23:54 AM by Rob Ferry in gratitude, in grateful, in thanks, in thankful

Dear SE region,
What one thing, that is available to each one of us and costs nothing, can open doors to more relationships, improve physical health, improve psychological health, enhance empathy and reduce aggression, help you sleep better, improve self-esteem, and increase mental strength?
According to recent research, BEING GRATEFUL yields all these benefits!
God knows that these benefits, and countless more, are available to those who live in a state of thankfulness.  That is why Scripture is filled with so many verses on gratitude.  And in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, God asks us to 'give thanks in every thing' because it 'is the will of God for you'.  I find it interesting that God's will is NOT being saved, reaching heaven, obeying all the commands, serving the poor, or loving others.  Rather, it's a life characterized by gratitude.
To help you grow in gratefulness this Thanksgiving season, I invite you to complete the following exercise personally and then with your family during your Thanksgiving meal.
May we all grow in experiencing the will of God as we grow in our gratitude!
In Him,
  1. List the first 10 things that come to mind that you are thankful for in life
  2. List 9 spiritual blessings for which you are thankful
  3. Use each letter of the word GRATEFUL to list 8 things for which you are thankful in your physical family
  4. List 7 people for whom you are grateful (e.g. - teacher, mentor, coworker, friend, cousin, parent)
  5. List 6 material possessions for which you are thankful
  6. Write down 5 intangible things for which you are grateful (e.g. - sunset, playing fetch with a dog)
  7. List 4 unconventional, random things for which you are thankful (e.g. - toothpaste, scissors, sand)
  8. List three of your favorite things about living in Colorado
  9. What is your favorite thanksgiving tradition or food AND what is your favorite way to eat leftover turkey
  10. Write down your favorite scripture about thanks, gratitude, being grateful

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