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South East Summer Midweek Classes


SE Summer Midweek Classes get underway in THREE weeks!
Click HERE to let us know which class you want to sign up for and to claim your spot!
Classes will run 6-8 weeks at Presbyterian Church of the Covenant on the following dates:
- June 14, 21, 28
- July 12, 19, 26
- And in some cases, August 2, 9
The following classes will be offered:
1.  You and Me.  
A class for marrieds based on book of same title by Francis Chan.  The class will focus not just on marriage but also on being sold out, passionate, and mission-focused in our marriages and families.
2.  Health, Wealth and Relationships.  
Most of us want to be healthier but either don't know what that looks like it or how to practically get there.  Likewise, most of us want to win with money in a godly way as well as to strengthen and improve our most important relationships but we don't know the way there.  In this class we will share ideas and strategies for living life to the full in the key areas of health, wealth and strong, healthy relationships.
3.  Encountering and Exploring Genesis
A flood, dinosaurs, and fathers of the faith.  In this class we will tackle key apologetic questions raised in Chapters 1-11 of Genesis as we investigate evolution versus creationism, God versus science, and other tantalizing topics in the first 11 chapters of Genesis.  Then we will move on to examine and learn from the inspirational faith of two of the great patriarchs in scripture:  Abraham and Joseph.  


4.  Class for Teens
Various devotional topics and fun activities!
Classes for KK-aged children and MS kids will be offered similar to past summers.

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Rob Ferry

Written by Rob Ferry

Rob Ferry and his wife Dawn currently serve as Evangelist and Women’s Ministry Leader for the Southeast Region of the Denver Church of Christ. Rob relocated his family to Denver from Philadelphia in August of 2006. He was converted in the campus ministry at the University of Pennsylvania in 1994, just as he was completing his Ph.D. in Neuropharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania Medical School. Together he and his wife have planted churches, served on the mission field in New Zealand, and have had the privilege of leading campus, singles, and marrieds ministries. Rob passionately loves Jesus, his wife of 18 years, his three incredible children and all things Colorado!