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Announcement for Nominations for Elder Candidates

Paul tells Timothy as it is recorded in I Timothy 3:1 - “Here is a trustworthy saying: If anyone sets his heart on being an overseer, he desires a noble task”.

At our most recent congregational service back in May, the elders and evangelists presented to the church a desire to appoint additional overseers or elders to the Denver Church of Christ.

At that service, Rob Ferry presented a lesson describing and explaining the qualifications of an elder from I Timothy 3 and Titus 1. And after that lesson, the leadership requested that members nominate, over a two-week period, any brother whom they believed fulfilled those requirements as laid out in I Timothy and Titus.

The church responded enthusiastically and numerous brothers were nominated for the role of shepherd.

For a period of over a month, the leadership team of elders and evangelists have prayed and discussed those men whose names were put forth by many of us.

After coming to the conviction and unanimous agreement that there were four men who met these Biblical qualifications, these four men were asked to prayfully consider their willingness to serve.

And each of them have agreed to do so.

In light of their qualifications and willingness, the elders and evangelists want to bring before the church the following four men to be additional elders and shepherds of God’s people here in the Denver Church of Christ –

In the Southeast – Wade Cook and Tim Sumerlin

In the Northwest – John Chisholm and Mark Shelley

In the spirit of I Timothy 3:10, that they first be tested, we request, that as a church, we have a time of evaluation for these four men. So for the next two weeks, we call upon all of us to prayfully consider them and if there is any reason or item of concern that you believe would prevent them from serving in this role, that you bring it to the attention of one of the elders or evangelists.

It is with faith in our God who with his blood purchased the church (Acts 20:28) that He will continue to guide us in the weeks ahead. If it is the Lord’s will, we would like to appoint these men at our congregational service on Sunday, September 3rd.

Thank you for being a body of believers who want to see Christ glorified as we follow His Word.

In His service,

The Elders and Evangelists

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